As the founder and CEO of Christian Tours, I would like to invite you to the experience of a lifetime, a pilgrimage to Israel!  With over 50 years of experience in Israeli tourism, I can assure you that there is no one who takes the care that Christian Tours does to ensure that every group and every trip is treated like family and that every effort is made to be sure that their journey is everything they hoped it would be and more. We have been blessed to connect with peoples from all over the world and to bring them into contact with the land and the people of Israel. Christian Tours is essentially a family concern and it is our aim to render a service with a personal touch. We hope to welcome you to Israel soon!
Phillip Meyers
CEO and Founder

Christian Tours

Susan Eshed

Operations Manager

As the daughter of Phillip Meyers, the tourism business is a world I grew up in. I remember visiting the tour groups with my Father since I was a very little girl.

In 1984 I joined my Father and have been working in Christian Tours ever since. What I enjoy the most in my work is meeting people from all over the world and getting the chance to know them and develop a personal contact that continues for years.


Our team is the heart of Christian Tours. Find out more about the staff that will become your friends.

Mette Ketter

Tour Operator

I am from Denmark but have lived in Israel since 1990. My husband and I have 3 children and we live in Nes-Ziona.

I have been working in tourism since 1994, joining Christian Tours in 1999 serving the Scandinavian market. I enjoy the challenge of making every trip to Israel special and memorable and meeting with my groups during the tour.

Shiri Dagan

Tour Operator

I have been working in the tourism industry since 1992 and as a tour operator at Christian Tours since 2005. I am a native Israeli, as well as the mother of two sons.

The most enjoyable part of my job is the interaction with the different people coming here from all over the world and making sure their visit is meaningful and valuable.

Gabby Jinno

 Tour Operator

I was born in Uruguay, but I’ve lived in Israel since 1970. I’ve been working in tourism since 1986, joining Christian Tours in 2010, helping clients from all around the world.

One of the most significant areas for me in Israel’s landscape is Negev, which symbolizes for me a Genesis View. I love Israel and that is one of the reasons for being in this business for so many years.

Yovar Inbar

 Tour Operator

I was born in Israel and I love my country. I served in the I.D.F in the Navy. I have been working in Christian Tours as a Tour Operator since 2009.

I love my work and I find it very interesting to work with Christian Pilgrims from all over the world, to meet them at the airport, and to see their excitement when they arrive to the Holy Land.

Raymond Kolet

 Airport Customer Service

I was born in India and immigrated to Israel in 1984, working at a tech company for 18 years as Head of the Engineering Drawing and Graphics Dept.

I am happy to have joined Christian Tours and work here as their customer service person at the airport. I enjoy my work, which is mainly meeting and talking with people. I have a great sense of humor!

Anna Myatt

Communications Director

I work out of the United States, helping to spread a love of and desire to visit the Holy Land!

As a lifelong believer and follower of Christ, it is an honor  to help Christians discover and learn about their faith in such a meaningful and tangible way. I believe I have been blessed with the best job (and husband and kids)!

Ilan Barkay

 Tour Guide

I was born in Jerusalem and became a tour guide in 1987 after serving in the IDF. I specialize in Christian tours, taking courses in Christianity, archaeology, history and specific sites in Israel. In 2004, I was selected as the best tour guide by the Israel Ministry of Tourism!

I see my work as a mission to transfer the historic wealth of the bible and inspire love for the Holy Land!

David Minai

 Bus Driver

David Minai is a very good and valuable member of the Christian Tours staff and has been working with our company for many years; always to the full satisfaction of ourselves and the groups which he has driven in his luxury motor coach.

He lives in Ashkelon with his wife and family, a city which is only a few kilometers from the border with Gaza.

Lior Rothenberg

 Tour Guide

Ever since my Childhood I have enjoyed exploring and discovering the various facets of this fascinating country. I have travelled all over the world but have finally settled in Israel to become a professional guide.

It is here in Israel that I have discovered not only the physical but also the spiritual dimension which gives the country it’s special richness.

Yoni Simmons

 Tour Guide

I was born in the United States to a Jewish father and Christian mother (who both are believers)who decided to move to Israel when I was just 3 years old as an act faith in God and a desire to be part of the Jewish destiny. I served in the IDF and had a variety of other experiences before experiencing grace myself and becoming a Christian tour guide.

My wife and I have 3 children who we are also raising in faith.

Gale Mashiach

 Tour Guide

I have lived in Israel since 1979, holding dual-citizenship with Israel and America, and am married with 5 sons. I love to travel myself, having been around the world sharing my love of Israel, so I have a passion for making others travel to the Holy Land an exciting adventure that they will treasure forever.

My understanding of the Christian faith & passion for the history and archeology of this spiritually rich country brings the Bible to life!

Yo’el Berkowitz
Tour Guide

I have lived in Israel since 1991 after moving here from the United States. Having traveled the world teaching the Bible, I am genuinely interested in knowing people, making them feel comfortable, appreciated, accepted and welcomed.

I’m personally devoted to a life-long path of learning in all areas and subjects available to me. Everything I learn I seek to integrate into my occupation of teaching and guiding.


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