When you are visiting the Holy Land, it is very tempting to just look for archeological ruins and relics and want to know exactly where things happened. This makes your trip though incomplete! A major part of your learning is understanding the context of the Bible and the land in which the events occurred. So many things are described using examples of nature, from the weather to the terrain and the animals.


Here is a short list of the many animals you should be on the look for next time you are in the Promised Land. You never know when one will pop up on your trip and then make your Bible study so much richer!


Camels. At some point on your journey, you may be given the opportunity to ride a camel, but you will also see them in herds as you drive through the deserts. Make sure you keep an eye out the window on the bus. (Genesis 24:10, Leviticus 11:4, Isaiah 30:6, and Matthew 3:4, 19:24, and 23:24)