“…But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.   -Joshua 24:15

More than just a family vacation…

Family trips and vacations have long been a tradition and an excellent way to create life-long memories, reconnect with loved ones, and have fun!

What if that family vacation could be even more? Imagine floating in the Dead Sea together, eating a St. Peter’s fish lunch with a beautiful backdrop of the Promised Land or hiking through the Ein Gedi Oasis that inspired so many of the Psalms?

A family trip to Israel will give you everything a normal family vacation would and so much more. It will be a family adventure creating a legacy of faith that can have an impact for generations to come!

Enjoy these benefits… 

  • Strengthen your family bond and your faith!
  • Enjoy the benefits of a group tour while also experiencing the intimacy of a private tour.
  • Experience your tour with your immediate family, or open it up to extended family for more group incentives, fun memories and the potential for your family to impact others on a larger scale.
  • Christian Tours allows you to personalize every aspect of your trip. Set the pace you would like your tour to be to accommodate all of your family members, select your desired hotels and the sites you want to be sure to include. We will also make suggestions on ways to make your trip as special and unique as your family, so you will have an adventure of a lifetime!

Additional visits and activities can include… 

  • Unique sites such as Petra in neighboring Jordan or Shiloh, the home of the Tabernacle for nearly 400 years can be added to your tour. See our Tour Options Page for more information.
  • Participate in an archeological dig as a family.
  • Ride camels and participate in ancient hospitality at Genesis Land.
  • Watch a state-of-the-art light show on the walls of ancient Jerusalem that tells the story of Israel.
  • Plant a tree together that can be visited for years to come to remember this momentous adventure!
  • Enjoy amazing spa treatments at the Dead Sea with all of it’s world-renowned health benefits!

Our tour operators will help customize your pilgrimage according to your specific:

  • Travel dates

  • Length of stay

  • Family size

  • Requested grade of hotel

  • Desired site visits. We will help you schedule them to get the most out of your trip.

  • Special requests

We will also be glad to offer you our Personalized Package which includes:

  • Bus banner and welcome banners at hotels with family name and a logo or crest if you would like!

  • Help desk in lobby with free e-mail access.

  • Special welcome and farewell dinner.

  • Special hats and shirts available.

  • Personalized certificates for all family members!

Christian Tours is dedicated to service with a personal touch!

As a family-owned and operated company, nothing brings us greater joy than to connect other families with the Holyland. You will work with one tour operator who will work hand-in-hand with you and truly get to know you and what  your family’s needs are. The same tour operator who helped you plan your trip will remain in contact with you throughout your visit, ensuring all your needs are taken care of and your questions answered. You will never be “just another group” to us. You will be part of our family!
Contact usfor more information and to begin planning the most meaningful trip of your life!

Do you have questions about planning a tour with Christian Tours? Check out our FAQ page specifically about working with us HERE. 

Popular Tour Itineraries

These are examples of what your tour could look like, but remember, no two tours are alike!

8 Day TRIP
10 Day TRIP

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

  • Linda Arnold

    My first pilgrimage to The Promised Land was with Christian Tours and the entire trip exceeded my expectations. I liked it so much that my husband and I signed up for another tour the following year and took 5 family members with us! Okay, so if that wasn’t enough we signed up again this year and took 4 more friends! Yes, that is three years in a row!

    When I go back to Israel, I will only travel with Christian Tours. Outstanding guides, exceptional drivers, and first rate service. Christian Tours is truly excited to be a part of your incredible, experience in the Holy Land and care about every little detail.

  • David Chavers

    Christian Tours provided very personalized service to us. Two of our group flew in from Egypt ahead of the others by about 8 hours. The two were settled into the hotel, picked up by car by Susan herself and driven to the airport to meet the rest of the incoming group and ride the bus back to the hotel as a group. No extra charge, ''just part of it'' they told us. There were six employees on hand to meet us at the airport to make sure everything went smoothly.

    I could continue, but this email cannot do justice to the service and accommodations Christian Tours provided us. I guess the strongest statement I can make is that we are returning with another group this coming year. The thought of using someone else has not even crossed our minds. These people took care of business, and became our friends in the process.

  • Gina

    I must tell you I give both Christian Tours and Mordi my highest recommendation – Donna and I had an amazing trip. The personal service, hotels, attention to detail and most of all the flexibility of Mordi (he learned I like frozen coffees – so there was always a stop somewhere) to change up the itinerary when timing/location deemed necessary.

    Now a special word about Mordi – his knowledge and passion for Israel is so evident in his spirit it is a joy to spend time with him. He has a great sense of humor (which I’m sure he needed with us) and loved sharing his Jewish faith and Israeli heritage during our unending questions.

    Yoav – a note of thanks for all your help with our pilgrimage – I know you did all the legwork for the sites, hotels and details. It was flawless and we appreciate all your hard work. You’re the best!

    Again, thank you Christian Tours – it was a life changing experience and you made it happen.

    Next year, in Jerusalem!