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The land flowing with milk and honey

Christian Holy Land Tour of Israel will transform the Bible into vivid reality. Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee, names which are so familiar from the scripture will transform into experiences of the senses as you visit them in person, smell the air, feel the light, the sun on your skin, and touch the rocks with your own hands.

7 reasons why you should choose to travel with us:

You will never be the same! 

Millions of Christians have traveled to the land of the Bible over the last four decades and had their faith and biblical knowledge enhanced in transformative ways.

Millions of Christians have traveled to the land of the Bible over the last four decades and had their faith and biblical knowledge enhanced in transformative ways.

There are so many different reasons why Christians are blessed and inspired by travel to Israel that it is an absolute must for anyone with the time and means to go there. Remember you will never be the same! Your Bible will come alive. The Bible will become so real that it will literally stand up and take on a third dimension as an accurate, historical account from which we learn many spiritual lessons.

You will encounter God in a new way. God is not limited to any one location and therefore, we can pray from anywhere in the world and experience His presence in our lives. But there is something to be said for taking a spiritual pilgrimage to get away from everyday life and seek the Lord with new fervor. A trip to Israel is the perfect getaway to seek the Lord. Walking where Jesus walked, hearing His words anew, seeing the illustrations from everyday life that He used, and understanding His teachings at new levels often leads to special encounters and even healings that stay with the traveler when they return home.

And last but not least, you will meet the true Jesus. As much as we like to think that we read the Bible as it is intended, most of us are highly influenced by our surroundings and understand the Bible in our own cultural context. That is why for centuries, European art depicted Jesus with a fair complexion, blond hair and blue eyes. Studying the life and words of Jesus in Israel puts him in the correct cultural and religious context. He was the Jewish Messiah who said of Himself that He was sent to the lost sheep of Israel. His parables, teachings and lifestyle cannot be fully understood without the Hebraic context in which He ministered.

Visit Israel, you will experience prophecy fulfilled. While traveling in Israel, we are surrounded by prophecy fulfilled and the faithfulness of God to His Word. We see that the Jewish people have been gathered from the North, the South, the East and the West; from every nation to which they had been dispersed; first by ship and then by planes; and assisted by the Gentiles; all just as the Bible foretold. God is fulfilling His promises made to the Jewish people, which means Christians can also trust Him. He is a faithful God and His Word is true!

Is this your season to be spiritually refreshed! The ultimate way to explore the birthplace of Christianity. Will you join us on one of our in-depth Christian Israel tours?


Strengthen your faith with one of our moving tours.

  • We have an experience of more than 50 years in welcoming Christians in the Holy Land!
  • We are totally dedicated to Christian and Messianic travels. We exclusively organize these tours.
  • As a Christian-owned and operated company, we focus on serving other Christians from around the world.
  • We focus on personalized service. We take the time to listen to your needs, desires and dreams and then come up with the perfect trip for you.
  • Be sure that our quotes include EVERYTHING in the itinerary. You have no extra money to pay during the tour
  • We’re there to create the unforgettable experience for group tours and individual travelers, and can suggest additional experiences that may suit you
  • You will meet congregations that share your faith. We will introduce you to EvangelicalCatholic or Messianic people that could become friends and personal connections to Israel. memories, but friends and a personal connection to Israel!

Check on our website and discover our tour packages. Remember these are only samples. We will be happy to include in your tour every step you’d like!

Remember, these are only samples, you can plan your tour to include whatever you’d like!

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